Following the election of your new MOBExCom team, a formal proposal was put to the Marist Brothers for a secretariat. The proposal included detailed plans to develop the adjoining Honson Street property into a fully fledged MOBA Secretariat.

This is the first time in the history of the alumni that an initiative of this nature is being embarked on, with the ultimate aim of giving our alumni a place it can call home. After weeks of careful consideration and discussion at Marist Brothers headquarters in New Zealand, approval was given to go ahead with the project.

On September 24th 2016, a Cleaning Bee was organized by the MOBA attracting a healthy response resulting in a major clean up of the double storey property. Civil engineering works have since commenced on drainage around the property as it is currently below road level and often gets inundated with water during heavy rain.

Generous support from old scholars such as Willie Kwan Singh enabled the use of his grader to get works started along with the likes of Skaffworks owner, Steven Chand also offering his professional building advice. Brother Kees was also on hand for the Cleaning Bee and expressed his gratitude for the initiative saying after years of disrepair and neglect, it was welcoming to see the MOBA trying to breathe new life into the prime Honson Street property.

A modest budget is expected to be put together by the Association to help with the first phase of refurbishment.